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I’ve actually recommended Dr. Gesek to several people since my procedure.


(it) was a great experience and I have no problem recommending him to someone else.


Imray and Gesek DMD, PA

5 out of 5 stars based on 36 reviews.

Patient Review by Carolyn B

Excellent experience from beginning to end. No complications post op. No pain meds needed.

- Carolyn B

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Patient Review by S I

If I ever have to have another tooth removed, Dr. Gesek (with the help of Tasha) would be my first choice!

- S I

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Patient Review by Lindsey B

My anxiety was through the roof about having surgery done. At 23 I had never had surgery of any kind. This office could not have been more patient and kind. My surgeon literally held my hand to ease my nerves when administering the anesthesia. I followed all of the instructions given to me and my mouth has healed excellently and the pain has been minimal- and I'm very sensitive to pain. The IV was more uncomfortable than the recovery. I highly recommend this office to any nervous patients out there! I'll absolutely be back.

- Lindsey B

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Patient Review by Carly M

Quick and painless wisdom tooth removal with a local anastetic! I had no pain after the procedure and all! I am so glad I decided to go to this office and remove the teeth.

- Carly M

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Patient Review by Mary E

Thanks for helping me get out of pain, I was suffering for 6 days after the root canal.

- Mary E

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Patient Review by Melinda O

In the chair and out in 35 to 45 minutes. his staff did a COURTESY CALL THE SAME DAY to check on me and my follow up took every bit of 20 minutes i had a great experience with the entire visit.

- Melinda O

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Patient Review by Jenny B

I recently had all of my wisdom teeth removed and everything went great! I was very nervous since I'd never had any type of sedation or surgery before, but the entire staff made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. They answered all of my questions beforehand (and I had a lot!) and prepared me for post-op care, so everything healed well too. I would definitely recommend-- especially to anyone who's nervous about the procedure.

- Jenny B

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Patient Review by Dana B

Staff was friendly and Dr. Daniel Gesek was amazing! If you have any needs he is the one I recommend highly there was minimal swelling and no bruising it was a great experience!

- Dana B

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Patient Review by Harriet M

The staff is great and Dr Gesek made my experience having my wisdom teeth removed very quick and easy. I had the top two that were impacted beginning to cause pain. The surgery felt like it only lasted 5 minutes and I went home with no pain and minimal swelling. I didn't need to take OTC pain meds nor the prescribed pain medication because I literally felt no pain. I'm still finishing my dose of antibiotics at this time and just had my 1 week check up today to find out that they are healing well. Thank you Dr. Gesek and your wonderful staff. Once my bottom two come in I will definitely be back for round 2!

- Harriet M

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Patient Review by Amanda P

I have always been very nervous and scared of going to see the dentist.I came in on December 2, 2016 to have multiple extractions done. The nurses were very nice and made me feel comfortable. Then when the Dr. Came in to perform his work he was very gentle, kind and talked to me the whole time. The best experience yet and I highly recommend to anyone! Thank you all so much and have a blessed day!

- Amanda P

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Patient Review by Stephanie S

I loved my experience here it was very stress free and relieving!

- Stephanie S

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Patient Review by Maria A

I was very impressed by the confidence of Dr. Gesek. He is obviously experienced and made the whole procedure a breeze. It was quick and virtually painless. He made me laugh and feel much more comfortable with the whole process. He took the time to listen to my concerns and ease my worries. He and the dental assistant were kind and thoughtful, and also efficient in what they were doing. They had a routine that was precise, organized, and swift. Thank you so much Dr. Gesek! 🙂

- Maria A

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Patient Review by LaKeva S

My first visit was 2009(?) and I was given all the information I needed as for wisdom teeth removal and corrective jaw surgery. Needless to say I was scared as well as financially challenged at the time. However, now 2015 I recently had my wisdom teeth removed (Feb.) and during the consultation Dr. Imray assured me everything will be fine and I would return to normal in no time. I was given detailed aftercare instructions and should I needed assistance or had questions I was also given a after hour number to call. My follow-up appt. was set the day of surgery. When the the surgery was over (what I can The team was very generous and they may have a few laughs of me!! I now have braces and within a year I should be ready for corrective jaw surgery. I'm not nervous because I KNOW I AM IN THE BEST OF CARE which is IMRAY & GESEK!! I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!

- LaKeva S

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Patient Review by Ed A

My son had his wisdom teeth coming in sideways and had to have them removed. We were under a deadline due to my sons insurance running out at the end of the month. We went in for a consultation and thats when all the trouble started. The insurance company did everything to make sure our procedure would not be completed in time. I know my daily calls got old but the ladies who run that office were both professional and sympathetic at all times. I finally got approved for the extraction by the insurance company the morning of the last possible day. Dr Imray gave up his lunch to make sure this could happen for my son. As they led them back for the surgery I felt he was in very safe hands with a dental office who really care about thier patients. Thanks to all !!!!!!

- Ed A

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Patient Review by Jacqulynn B

My poor 6 year old was a child of that monster dentist schrinder. She was scared beyond your imagination. The staff not only was understanding but had sympathy. They worked at her pace and at no point git upset or frustrated for it taking longer then usual. Dr. Imary was one if not the best dentist I've seen in a long time. 5 Stars all around.

- Jacqulynn B

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Patient Review by Kenya P

My son had an abscess and needed to see Oral Surgeon as an EMERGENCY once i called the office and explained the situation I was able to get in the same day to see Dr Gesek, I applaud everyone for their quick response and how compassionate they were #your staff was awesome #Thankyou #drgesek

- Kenya P

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