Patient Review by LaKeva S

My first visit was 2009(?) and I was given all the information I needed as for wisdom teeth removal and corrective jaw surgery. Needless to say I was scared as well as financially challenged at the time. However, now 2015 I recently had my wisdom teeth removed (Feb.) and during the consultation Dr. Imray assured me everything will be fine and I would return to normal in no time. I was given detailed aftercare instructions and should I needed assistance or had questions I was also given a after hour number to call. My follow-up appt. was set the day of surgery. When the the surgery was over (what I can The team was very generous and they may have a few laughs of me!! I now have braces and within a year I should be ready for corrective jaw surgery. I'm not nervous because I KNOW I AM IN THE BEST OF CARE which is IMRAY & GESEK!! I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!

- LaKeva S

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