Oral Surgical Procedures – Common Options in Jacksonville and Orange Park

oral surgeon performing tooth extraction

Oral surgeons perform a variety of procedures like tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal and implants.

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

If you want an oral surgeon who can handle standard and complex oral surgical procedures, consider scheduling an appointment at Imray and Gesek in Jacksonville and Orange Park. A maxillofacial or oral surgeon works with people to help resolve issues with their facial structures, jaw, or teeth. These surgeons have to undergo years of specialized training that goes far beyond regular dental school to ensure they can care for their patients, and they usually have anesthesia training.

Dental Implants

If you lose a tooth, dental implants can help you replace them and fill in any gaps. Generally, dental implant surgery is more complex, but it’s very common. You may require several visits to our office to complete it, but each case is different. Our oral surgeon will implant the post into your jaw at the first visit and give you a few months to heal. Then, you’ll return for the second surgical procedure, where we attach the implant to the post. If you have poor bone structure, you may need a bone graft to support the implant. When we finish, these implants will help get your jaw in proper alignment and restore your smile.


 This surgical procedure involves your oral surgeon removing the tip of your tooth’s root because it has a curve and putting a filler material in the space. This hooked growth pattern prevents the team from getting their tools down to the root’s end, and we can’t remove all of the nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth. In turn, this opens up the space for infection or pain sensations. Removing the curved portion of the root makes it easier to treat your dental problem.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It’s common to get your wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 20. These are additional molars that can make it easier to chew, and many people get them without any problems. However, as these teeth start to come in, problems can arise. You may need a wisdom tooth extraction if they don’t come all the way in or crowd your existing teeth. The good news is most people only need a few days to recover, and the pain is minimal.

Tooth Extraction

General wear or dental decay can cause your tooth to break, crack, or get infected. To fix this, you’ll want a qualified oral surgeon in Jacksonville and Orange Park to extract this problem tooth. Our team will remove the tooth and clean the socket when you book your appointment. To finish, we might place a suture to ensure that the space heals appropriately. Many people choose extraction if their tooth is so infected that other treatment options won’t work to save it. If you’re getting dentures or dental implants, you may need a tooth extraction too.

Oral Surgical Procedures – Four Complicated Options

Some procedures require a surgeon with specialized training. Whether your surgeon can perform the following surgeries depends on their level of training and what they specialize in. However, four common but complex options include:

Facial Reconstruction

Facial trauma can easily result in broken bones, missing teeth, or broken jaw bones. You’ll need an oral or maxillofacial surgeon to help reconstruct your face and restore how you look, and they can work on your face, mouth, or jaw. These tend to be much more in-depth procedures that require you to go under general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. You usually spend the night in the hospital after surgery for monitoring. If you require facial reconstruction due to severe trauma, you may have to schedule several surgical procedures in the proceeding months or years.

Cleft Lip or Palate

Many plastic surgeons commonly perform this surgery on younger children. However, oral surgeons must undergo specialized training if the cleft palate or lip starts interfering with your speech or eating capabilities. While this isn’t nearly as common of a procedure as fixing a cleft lip or palate in a smaller child, it’s an excellent example of how our oral surgeons work as part of a larger healthcare team.

Bone Repair

Oral surgery is a prevalent treatment option if you have a broken or fractured jaw bone. Severe breaks or fractures can make breathing or eating challenging, so it’s essential that you address it as quickly as you can. Our maxillofacial surgeons can help figure out how bad the break is and what the best treatment route is.

Sleep Apnea

A lot of the time, surgery is the standard fix for sleep apnea. Our team may recommend putting implants in your soft palate, performing a tongue advancement, or removing tissue from your soft palate and throat to make it easier for you to breathe.

What Can You Expect With Oral Surgery?

Your oral surgeon will examine your teeth, jaw joints, gums, and surrounding areas. In addition, they often order x-rays to get a clear picture of your jawbone, root system for your teeth, and nerves. They’ll use these results to tailor a customized treatment plan.

Depending on what we find, you may have your surgical procedure in the office as an outpatient. We offer sedation options to help reduce your dental anxiety and keep you calm during your procedure, including IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide. We offer deep to moderate sedation options and work with you to decide the best route. If you have a more complex case, you may have to go to the hospital and have your surgery with general anesthesia administered.

Once you complete your surgery, you’ll get a thorough list of post-operative care from your surgeon that you should follow. Doing so will help reduce the risk of complications, including infections or bleeding.

Imray and Gesek in Jacksonville and Orange Park Offers Oral Surgery

In Jacksonville and Orange Park, our staff at Imray and Gesek features dedicated oral surgeons that have the training required to take on complex or common dental surgeries. Whether you have trauma and need reconstruction, have sleep apnea, or need implants, our staff in Jacksonville and Orange Park are ready to help resolve them.

We’ll walk you through your procedure and do everything we can to keep you relaxed, comfortable, and informed before, during, and after the surgery. Contact our office to book your appointment today.